Hello and Welcome to Lane's Stuff @ Singapore.

Here you'll be able to purchase some of the items that has been carefully imported from overseas, as well as some second hand items that are going for a steal. Feel free to browse around the items showcased below and contact me if you're interested in any of the items. My contact details can be found on the left.

Name: Lane
Mobile: 94770491
Mail: Zhang_lane@yahoo.com.sg

Interested buyers can call, SMS or e-mail me if you wish to enquire about any of the items. Upon confirmation of your order, we will arrange the details of the meeting. Thank you once again for visiting this site.


Bags (First Hand)

1) S$12

2) S$12

3) S$12

4) S$8

5) S$8

6) S$8

7) S$8

8) S$8

9) S$8

10) S$8

11) S$8

12) S$8

13) S$8

14) S$8

15) S$8

16) S$8

17) S$8

18) S$8

19) S$8

20) S$5

Purses (First Hand)

21) S$7

22) S$7

23) S$7

24) S$7

25) S$7

26) S$7

27) S$4/ea

Clothes & Other Accessories (First Hand)

28) S$10

29) S$10

30) S$7

Second Hand Items

31) S$12

32) S$10

All items come with a 3 day personal gurantee.

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