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PalmOilDiesel provides and supplies quality fuels and crude products; namely biodiesel. Our Bio-Diesel can be made up of pure Palm Oil and is made to conform to any EuropeanNorm, or as the customers wishes. PalmOilDiesel only uses fresh Palm Oil to ensure compatibility with most diesel engines.

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About Us

We are suppliers of quality fuels and crude products with more than 45 years of experience in the palm oil industry. We believe that palm oil is nutritious and healthy and we strive to promote health consciousness by providing ready supply biodiesel to power your vehicles, oil furnaces, generators and so on while keeping the air free from pollution.


Head Office

145/147 St. John Street,


Sales and Marketing Director
Mobile: (44) [0] 7949216752

Email: info@palmoildiesel.com

Singapore Office

63 Hillview Avenue, #03-04,
Lam Soon Industrial Building, Singapore 669569


Tel: (65) 6769 1857
Fax: (65) 6762 6633