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Introduction to Bio Diesel

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Palm oil has been an important food crop for mankind since 5000 years B.C. It found its place in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in the 19th century.

With mankind facing the greatest challenge of creating a sustainable world in the 21st century, palm oil is seen to be an eco-friendly crop in making biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel produced from palm oil through a chemical reaction of alcohol and vegetable or animal oils, fats, or greases. Through a refinery process called transesterification, the reaction removes the glycerin - a by-product that is not good for your engine, which can be made into soap.

Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine in pure form or blended with petroleum diesel at any level. Even a blend of 20% bio- and 80% petroleum diesel will significantly reduce carcinogenic emissions and gases that may contribute to global warming. It is simple to use, biodegradable, non-toxic, sulfur-free and aromatic-free, and therefore appreciated over petroleum diesel.

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Why Choose Bio Diesel?

Biodiesel has been around for decades as a supplement that is added to conventional diesel fuel to improve the lubricity of diesel engines. The bottom line is that biodiesel lubricates your machinery far better than petroleum diesel fuel. Scientist and farmers have realized for years marked improvement in lubricity when biodiesel is added to conventional diesel fuel.

Even biodiesel levels as low as one percent can provide up to a 65 percent increase in lubricity in distillate fuels. An example; pure biodiesel is referred to as B100 or "neat" biodiesel. A biodiesel blend is pure biodiesel blended with petrodiesel. Biodiesel blends are referred to as Bxx. The xx indicates the amount of biodiesel in the blend (for example a B20 blend is 20.

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Benefits at a Glance

The benefits of palm biodiesel are that:

  • It is a cleaner alternative to petroleum diesel,
  • It can be used neat or blended with petroleum diesel in any proportions,
  • It operates in conventional combustion-ignition engines, from light to heavy-duty just like petroleum diesel and no engine modifications are required,
  • It provides good engine performance,
  • It cuts down on targeted emission.
  • It offers safety benefits over petroleum diesel because it is much less combustible.

Palm biodiesel has an important advantage over petroleum diesel in the fact that:

  • Palm oil is an excellent feedstock for producing biodiesel as it is more easily degraded compared to petrochemical derived feedstock.
  • The production and use of biodiesel create less carbon dioxide emission compared to petroleum diesel hence causing less damage to the atmosphere.

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Environmental Benefits

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Fossil fuel products have been used by mankind as a source of energy and it was assumed that they will last forever. Time has changed: with fossil fuel on depletion and global warming on the increase, it is time to create a sustainable world.

Palm oil is the most productive vegetable oil crop and with agronomic techniques developed it is sufficient to be used as energy, oils and fats.

Palm oil is eco-friendly as through production:

  • It alleviates global warming,
  • It conserves soil and water quality,
  • Its empty fruit bunches, old fronds and palm oil mill effluent are recycled back to the land as inorganic fertilizers,
  • It utilizes positive energy balance,
  • It uses minimum amount of pesticides,
  • Barn owls help control the rodent population in palm plantations,
  • Its residues and waste materials are used in the wood industries,
  • The production of palm kernel cake is used for animal feed,
  • No burning is needed in replanting palm trees.

And the end product, biodiesel creates 78% less carbon dioxide emission, a green house gas that contributes to global warming by preventing some of the sun's radiation from escaping the earth. Biodiesel fuel also effectively eliminates sulfur oxide and sulfate emissions, which are major contributors to acid rain. That's because, unlike petroleum-based diesel fuel, biodiesel is free of sulfur impurities. Combustion of biodiesel additionally provides a 56% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions and yields significant reductions in carbon monoxide and soot particles compared to petroleum-based diesel fuel. Also, biodiesel can reduce the carcinogenic properties of diesel fuel by 94%.

Therefore, palm biodiesel brings prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable and affordable.

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