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The logo reflects the teaching and research philosophy of the Laboratory. 


Electric blue and green are the main corporate colours of the Lab.  Blue is the main colour of the Faculty of Engineering,

while green is the official colour of Civil Engineering in NUS.  Most motorists associate green with free flowing traffic and environmental friendly transportation.  The use of bright colours reflects the youthful, vibrant and forward-looking spirit of the Lab.  These are also the two most common background colours of directional signs in the road systems in many countries. 

The logo has an oval shape, enclosing the ITVS letters.  A smaller by-line of is added below ITVS to give reader an idea of it’s association.  The letter “I” is enlarged to emphasize the word Intelligent.  It also stretches out to look like a pole carrying a green signal.  The oval shape is formed by two twisted curves in grey and black, representing concrete and asphalt pavement respectively.  The inclusion of pavement in our logo depicts our vision that the road infrastructure, in addition to drivers, vehicles, information and traffic control, is an integral part of the intelligent transportation systems.  From the bottom-right corner, the highway of concrete and asphalt pavement leads to a green light – our desire to have free flowing and environmental friendly traffic.  It also represents researchers from different disciplines working in together to achieve the same goal.  From the left top corner, the logo also looks like a person opening his arms to embrace ITVS.


Lastly, you may ask “Why V in ITVS?”  Well, we have to acknowledge the importance of vehicles (in all modes) that bring us the mobility and our nation’s economic development.  Without vehicles, transportation will not be what it is today.

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